Sunday, 9 December 2012

How to Remove Unwanted Ads and Links from your Blog

Over in the Blogger Support Forums we're seeing more and more reports from users complaining about unwanted ads and links appearing on their Blogs.

This article will help explain why this is happening and how you can fix it.

This is normally caused by one of 3 things

1) Malware on your computer

2) A Malicious Extension/Addon that you have installed in your browser

3) A Malicious Gadget that you’ve added to your site

To check/fix follow these steps

1) Disable all your Extensions in your browser, restart it and then check you site. If the problem is fixed then you know that one of your extensions is to blame. Add them back one at a time until the problem returns so that you can identify the malicious Extension

In Chrome you access your Extensions by first clicking on the Tools Menu

Then select Tools and then Extensions.

Simply Disable the Extension by UnTicking the Enable option.

For other browsers you will need to refer to their instructions about disabling/removing Addons and Extensions.

2) If you have disabled all your Extensions/Addon and you are still seeing this issue, then you should remove all 3rd Party Gadgets on from your blog until you find the one causing the issue.

Goto your Layouts section in Blogger.

Go through and remove any 3rd Party Gadgets one by one until you find the one causing the issue.

3) If you are still seeing this issue, then you need to run a Malware scanner on your whole computer.

If you have done all of those then create a Support Ticket in the Blogger Support Forums


Nishant said...

thanks 1st one worked :)

DarkUFO said...

Glad it worked

Mieke said...

Thank you soooo much, it seemed to be a gadget, I hope it stays away, Thank you :)

DarkUFO said...

@disqus_kAuURxnpw3:disqus Glad to help :)

Guidance star said...

This is very helpful.
It's the first time I look for something online and easily find the solution which is so simple and easy and that actually WORKS!

Manuel Cadag said...

Thanks for sharing this article..but since I followed your instructions,..the same thing that happened. My site still not approve by Webmaster and my ads still running. What should I do to fix this problem?

DarkUFO said...

Manuel Cadag I'm not sure what this has to do with Webmaster?

I would suggest you post in the Webmaster Support forum here!forum/webmasters

claire said...

Thanks for your help, I have done everything and ran Spybot Search & Destroy but the Links Bucks Ads are still there! Is there anything else you can recommend?

DarkUFO said...

@782f58e1aa6ffccaed843ec60c46d25e:disqus Have you definately disabled All Extensions/Addons?

What's your site address?

Wanagiyata said...

Thank you for this great post. I am new to blogging and was getting very annoyed with unwanted ads & links etc..... This post solved my problems though, so thanks again

Joshua Steph said...

Nice article, thanks for the information.

Josh @ sewa mobil

Gwen said...

It worked for me too! (#1) Thank you SO MUCH! :)

DarkUFO said...

Glad it helped

rita egwu said...

please my site address is please help me check. I have removed all the extensions and the "ads not by this site" is still flashing all over the place please help

MissKimberlyJoy said...

You're the man! But is there a way to prevent this from ever happening again? Is there an online scanner or toolbar that can alert me the same way AVG alerts me when I have a virus? It's like everytime I buy a domain and link it to a Blogger blog this always happens.

Mary @ Secret Obsession said...

Wee thank you so much! the annoying ads are gone!

Sayanta Halder said...

thanks , it helped a lot

Nurfarzana Abdul Manap said... really more iphone ads,gangnam ads and other ads on my blog...

LadyAllila said...

Thanks for help!

DarkUFO said...

Glad to help

Ted said...

Hey Andy:

Just a little fyi. Google +1 is broken in blogger. Here is an example:

+508853 Recommend this on Google

My blogs are getting hit like the above example.


Sarahroze97 said...

Thank you SO MUCH!!! The first one worked perfectly :D xx

DarkUFO said...

Glad to help

ben said...

hehe! finally solved my problem. should have done this earlier!

KD said...

Thank u thank u thank u thank u , i cant thank u enuf. The first one worked. Those ads were driving me crazy. Its because of this reason i couldnt blog. N its been 2 months. Thanks againg. God bless u :)

Ajinks said...

Thank you man you saved my blog.

DarkUFO said...

Glad to help

keshav said...

Thanks bro....

Amit Kumar said...

Hello Mr. Dark,

Thanks for the information. I had 3 programs installed on my computer which I uninstalled and it worked.



Ally said...

Thank you so much! You are a lifesaver

DarkUFO said...

Glad to help

DarkUFO said...

My pleasure

DarkUFO said...

Glad to help Ally

Stacy said...

Great post and very thorough. You don't address my problem though. I have Disqus installed on my site and it shows up on every post on the main page, however, I've added two other pages. The About Me actually predates adding Disqus and it doesn't show there. That didn't bother me much since it doesn't get comments that often. But I have recently added a new page called #BundtBakers that might get more. How can I get Disqus to show on all secondary pages, please. My link is here:
Many thanks in advance!

DarkUFO said...

Hi Stacy I don't think the standard Disqus comments install is intended to display on Pages. I know that they don't on my site and I personally would not want them to display.

Probably best to contact Disqus Support and ask them if they have any instructions for adding the Disqus comments to Blogger pages

You can contact them here

Stacy said...

Thank you. Will do!

Zoe said...

i tried this, but still unsure on whether its worked for me. my url is

Kimberly said...

Thank you for replying to my comment. The information is very helpful. I am sorry I didn't reply back sooner. I honestly forgot I had sent posted this question.

Prasoon Singh said...

I can't still get it to work.

Dynaboot: Best Hosting said...

You have a great weblog and I like your style of writing about this stuff. Keep up the good work!

americangypsyliving said...

Hi-- I followed a thread from Google Product Forums. Thanks for your help. Quick question-- Why do you include the number "300" on the product forums, but not here? Do I actually need to add that number when typing within the "A HOST" section at GoDaddy? I totally cannot figure that out. Thanks for the help!

DarkUFO said...


The 300 is known as the TTL or Time To Live. Which is basically how long your register refreshes your changes.

Some hosts don't allow you to change that.

I would just ignore the 300 part if you are unsure.

Sarah Lee said...

I like your post a lot! You should write some more on this!Great job coming with such terrific post!


Kimberly said...

Hi I purchased a new domain name and I am trying to get it set up I followed the above instructions but when I click yes for redirect on my blog it takes to to a blank page. What am i doing wrong? I am was please help me.

Sarah said...

Thank you so much! You solved my long standing issue!

DarkUFO said...

Glad to help

Mark said...

I am having difficulty with my sister's blog, if you go to it will redirect you to but the blogspot address is loaded in the address bar instead of the www. address remaining.

When I go into blogger and change teh custom domain to the www. it then comes up with has been moved to please click to redirect, which when you do it simply redirects you to the same page (the re-direct page).

Can you please help? If you can, please reply to my email address that I left you.


DarkUFO said...

Hi @disqus_dSLphsv4L5

Your DNS settings are not correct. You need the 4 ANAME records as indicated in the post as well as the 1 CNAME record.

Susan Estes said...


Bret said...

I tried many sites. GoogleDocs seems to able to preview MODE only, and its frustrating bs all we want is a file, not a preview of the file! That's why we are embedding! Get a clue, Google! I used It looks the most natural on my site, however the screen goes back to advertize Slideshare site and won't let people see the document for long enough. This is solvable however, you can see this doc in fullscreen mode as an option.
Another option is save a pdf as image. Load will be longer but no more weirdness.

art brodsky said...

I can't get rid of the preview pane either. I can fix the sizing, but the pane still stays.

DarkUFO said...

art brodsky I'd suggest asking in the Google Docs forum as they will probably have an expert who will be able to assist!forum/docs

jesus martinez said...

Hi i added the A record and the Cnames to my domain 24 hours ago and is not working, andy suggestion??

DarkUFO said...

The seem setup correctly to me when I look at the settings here

Try doing Steps 1) , 2) and 3) again. That normally fixes it.


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Parth said...

Thank you so much!!!
Got rid of Rolimno extension!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DarkUFO said...

Glad to help!

petitemomma said...

Thank you so much!!!

Janto said...

This works fine. Many Thanks :)

lkmnprapto said...

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candy said...

i can see the ads not on my blog but on every window I open through internet

Maanya said...

Thank you! It was an extension installed by a third party.

MD Golam Rabbani said...

I am going to add disqus for my blog now. Thank you.

Sadie McQuiston said...

Oh geez...I've been going back and forth looking for "Embed..." for an hour an a half. I wish I had looked here first. Thanks so much!

DarkUFO said...

Ha, easy when you know how ;)

Esmaltha said...

The "revert link" worked perfectly for me! Tks!!!! :)

DarkUFO said...

Glad to help.

Rahul Das said...

Testing Disqus

Testing said...

Testing anonymously.

Aww Man said...

I need help on mines since it's a new year and all.

adam bokowski said...

disqus test faze two :D

VTat Chin said...

hmmm, how to display disqus comment box in every page? any idea?

worldfreemovie said...

I did it on my blog by another way check it out.

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Gabriel Czernikier said...


DarkUFO said...

Glad to help.

Mark Evans said...

Worked like a charm. Thank you!

DarkUFO said...

Glad to help Mark

jomarzi6 said...

hello, i am taking this information to my blogger post and has given your reference as well.

Thanks. My blog is

AQW said...

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broadbander66 said...

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Moon Lee said...

Information very helpful! Thanks! Should include recommend 'Malware scanner' too! (Too many scraps sites, don't dare download)

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Mia said...

I dont get it! I have Safari (MAC), and i have adds like in the the supplemet i sent. I dont want it! How do i remove it????

DarkUFO said...

Check your safari help to see how to remove extensions

sofenza said...

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sainath said...

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DarkUFO said...

Drop me an email and we'll try to fix it somehow

HeiiHoyy said...

hey, I tried everything on this article.. but nothing works please help I really don't know what the problem is

DarkUFO said...

HeiiHoyy If nothing here works then I would suggest you make a post in the official Blogger Support Forum here!categories/blogger

HeiiHoyy said...


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monkeycat said...

this post is very useful and helped me allot.
thanks...... keep posting

Emilia Imo said...

Hi, I've been finding your blog very useful lately.
I just have something I need help with.
I have just downloaded Disqus, and it works fine, apart from the fact that the text colour is the same as the background colour. I can see comments if i highlight them myself, so I know that they are there. I don't know if there is any way to change the colour of the text or background and I really need help with this. Thanks.

DarkUFO said...

Probably best to contact Disqus support and let them know your blog address. They are normally very helpful

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rachellemadrigal said...

Awesome there, Great work, keep it up. I love returning back to this site and reading the quality content you always have on offer.


Leah Jewel Alexander said...

Thank you for posting this. I just installed Disqus on my blog and your post was quite useful.

DarkUFO said...

My pleasure, glad you found it useful

Deonna said...

I am trying to get disqus on my blogger site and it will not show up. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I am going to worry about importing my old comments later but for now, I am just wanting the comment box to even show up. Could you come take a look?

DarkUFO said...

Hi Deonna , as you're using a customized blogger template I think you're going to need to ask Disqus Support for a little help. They are normally very helpful.

You can contact them here

It's probably something silly :)

Lynette Caulkins said...

Hi there - Do you know - in, the comment link on your post did nothing at all - everything remained hidden. I had to open my Chrome, and then it was there, no problem. I'm sure many of my audience are still only in Explorer, and wonder how common this issue is? Also, I had a dickens of a time signing into Discus to leave a comment. Again, an issue with much of my blog's audience. I would love so very much to see a reliable comment platform that is absolutely painless to access. Thank you for such a detailed how-to post! Folks like you are AWESOME.

DarkUFO said...

Thanks Lynette, glad you found it useful. Yes IE is a horrible browser and nearly everyone has abandoned it for Chrome or Firefox. IE is very buggy, insecure and does not follow web standards. Less that 8% of our traffic comes from IE users these days.

Aditi jain said...

Thanks .. Well I am too late to find this post .. but it works and helped me a lot. What if I did the same and still found those images. I have tried to restore the browser setting but I need to find another way, please can you share?

Christian Thomson said...

Thanks love this post, we've been looking for a smart comment system for

Sherlock007 said...

What about Firefox..?

DarkUFO said...

Remove any Addons that you have installed in Firefox. Refer to your Firefox Help documentation for how to remove addons.

Sherlock007 said...


Syuk said...

Thanks master...
This article is very helpful.
My problem is finally finished :)

DarkUFO said...

Glad it helped.

Vikas Kashyap said...

good post. Sir i cant remove links in comment for my blog. Please check

Diana L. said...

Hi, this is a very informative article. I was wodering if you could help me. In my blog, the link for comments box only shows if I click on the title of each post, but not in the main page, where several posts are shown. I would like the link for the comments box to appear on the main page, some friends have told me they wanted to leave comments, but they did not realize they needed to click on the title to open the specific post. I think it has to be somenthing to do with the template. I have enabled comments on the blog and post setting also.
this is the blog if you want to see
Thanks so much

DarkUFO said...

Hi @Diana L.

If you've followed all the advise in the article and it's still not working, I suggest you post your question in the Blogger Support Forum. Someone there should be able to get you up and running.

The forums can be found here.!categories/blogger

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Diana L. said...

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GorgeousGateaux said...

Thank you so much! Blogger comments were driving me crazy with my friends asking where their comment was and it never showing on my system. I've only just installed Disqus but here's hoping it's solved my problems!

Chamuth Chamandana said...

Thanks DarkUFO I'm so grateful for your help! It worked i disabled all the extentions from my blog and turned the blog without any ADS. Please can you take a look at my Blog.

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DarkUFO said...

I don't know of any that do that without you having voted first.

Why would you want to display the results without the person voting first?

freeev said...

Oh no, I did not make myself clear, sorry.

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DarkUFO said...

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DarkUFO said...

Good luck.

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Raya Balh said...

Sir i have done what u said but still when i go to my custom domain it show server not found
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DarkUFO said...

Probably best to ask in the Blogger Support forum here!categories/blogger

One of the Engineers will be able to help you

K Shazzad said...

Thanks for the post very informative. But I still having problem to setup it, getting 404 error and my custom domain and old blogspot domain both redirecting to and 404 not found page. My domain register company is name dot com, could you please check my attachment and tell me am I did/configure it right way. Thanks....

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