Purchasing a custom domain on Blogger

How to purchase a custom domain through Blogger.

kayra said...

Thank you for your information :)

Pete Kosednar said...

In Google Apps have my www.domain.com & email setup. Do I need to add my blog.domain.com also in Apps? Could you help out how to map w/ Google Apps. www.domain.com Email is working. When I add each subdomain get: MX records setup prompt.

I trying to setup with www.mydomain.com w/ a 404 naked domain - no naked domain redirect and subdomains setup as subdomain.mydomain.com w/ a 404 www.subdomain.mydomain.com

DarkUFO said...

Hi Pete, probably best that you post your specific question in the Blogger or Google Apps support forum where someone should be able to assist you better.. I don't have a great deal of knowledge with Google Aps, sorry.

Pete Kosednar said...

Andy: I setup my domains purchased at GoDaddy w/ Google Apps and email. Done. Do I now need to add a domain or domain alias?

Having trouble mapping w/ the new setup. I just want www.mydomain.com and subdomain.mydomain.com for the subdomains. www.subdomain will be 404. naked domain 404.

joey said...

When I add each subdomain get: MX records setup prompt.

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