How to Automatically Post your Blog to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin

As bloggers we want to maximise the distribution of our Blogs content to as many people and services as possible.

In the past we would have to manually cross post our blogs content to services like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin manually. This is time consuming and lets face it boring. Wouldn't it be great that as soon as we created a post that our content was automatically syndicated out to our Facebook Page, our Twitter account and our Linkedin account.

We'll with the help of the excellent and free service from Twitterfeed you can.

Read on for a walkthrough on how you can get this setup in a couple of minutes.

Ok here we go.

First goto and click the Register Now button.

Fill out the simple Sign Up form and press Create Account.

You will then be presented with the following screen.

Here you enter a name for your feed and your blogs address. Fill it out and press the "Test RSS Feed" button.

If everything is ok you will see a "Feed parsed OK" message.

Now click the Advanced Settings link which will open up a number of Settings.

Here you can decide how often and how many posts should be posted. What is actually posted eg just the Post Title or a brief description, along with any Prefixes or Suffix that you want to include.

In this example we'll go with the Defaults. So simply press the "Continue to Step 2" button.

NOTE: You can come back at any stage and make changes to these settings.

You will now be at the "Configure Publishing Services" screen which allows you to define where you want your blog posts to be distributed.

For this tutorial we'll just do Twitter but the process is very similar for adding Facebook and LinkedIn. So simply click the Twitter button.

You will then be prompted to Authentic your Twitter Account. Click the big blue button.

You will then be taken to Twitter where you are asked to confirm that you want to Authorize Twitterfeed. Click the blue Authorize App button.

You will then be taken back to you Configure Publishing Services screen and you should see your Twitter Account in the dropdown.

To complete this stage, simply click the "Create Service" button at the bottom.

You should now see your Twitter Account marked as Active.

Now you can add other Twitter Accounts or your Facebook and/or LinkedIn accounts in the same way as above. Simply click the service you want to add and follow the simple instructions to authorize Twitterfeed.

Once you have done all this, click the "All Done" button below.

If everything has worked you should see a "Congratulations Message" similar to the one below.

And that's it.

Now whenever you post something to your blog your content will also be distributed to your other services that you setup.

NOTE: The first time you create a new post after setting up Twitterfeed it can take up to 30 mins for it to be distributed but after that it should be near instantaneous.

You can at anytime go back to your Twitterfeed Dashboard here .. see the status of your feeds and make any changes that you wish. You can also pause/start the feeds at anytime and you can add as many feeds as you like depending on how many blogs you have etc.

Here is a look at my dashboard.

I hope you have found this useful, and if you have any comments/questions etc please don't hesitate to ask in the comments section below.

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Ria said…
thank you! :)
DarkUFO said…
Hey Ria glad you found it useful.
Thanks ! We've been syndicating to Facebook using RSS Grafiti, and to twitter using feedburner . We also tried syndicating to Facebook using Networked blogs. Does this syndication update your Facebook status?
alrui said…
Is there a way to post the whole blog article? I can get it to post a link but not the blog article itself.
DarkUFO said…
I think you'll need to contact Twitterfeed support and ask them what's possible.
Hallelujah! I searched all over FB and couldn't find it anywhere! You would think they'd want to add feeds, right? Wrong. Thank you so much for such a concise walkthrough, I will refer you to my friends!

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