Getting Blogger working with Custom Domains

A lot of Bloggers who setup their own Custom Domain often run into trouble by not setting up their DNS settings correctly.

You need to make sure you have the following settings EXACTLY as shown below. Either do this yourself in your DNS control panel of the company where your Domain is registered or contact their support and ask them to do it for you.

NOTE: Replace with your actual domain A A A A CNAME

Once you have made the corrections, try your Custom Domain again by doing the following.

1) Goto to Settings, Basic and click the "X" link and save the changes. (This step may not be necessary if you have not already tried to use your Custom Domain)

2) Then once saved go back to Settings, Basic and click the Add Custom Domain link, then click Advanced Settings link, and put your domain in (lowercase) and save your changes.

3) On this screen make sure you click the Re-Direct check box.

If you are still having trouble use this link. (Replace with your domain)

You should see on this page your ANAME and CNAME Records as defined above.

Here is what my DNS Records look like for

Notice the 4 ANAME Records and the 1 CNAME Record.

If you are still having problems, leave me a comment below with your Domain Name and I'll try to help.

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Blogger Custom Domains
Blogger Support Forums


Bhagwati said…
Hi all,
I'm purchase new domain on Saturday (12 may). i'm set all
thing as in google cname & aname. but my domain not working. my
original domain is is redirect to
DarkUFO said…
Hi @Bhagwati Your DNS is not setup.

Look here 

There are no CNAME or ANAME Records. Contact your Domain Register and ask them why it's not show. 
DarkUFO said…
Yes, those setting ARE ALL CORRECT.
The problem is that you Your Domain register has a problem.

Those Settings are not getting pushed out to the servers around the world.

Look here 

There a NO Settings being displayed.

Contact your Domain Support people and show them that link. Until your domain register fixes that there is nothing that anyone else can do. Once those are fixed your Domain will work properly.

Also show them this link. It shows THEY have errors. 
Bhagwati said…
can i switch to godady as domain registrar if they not solve this problem
DarkUFO said…
You'll have to ask your register if you can switch easily. I use GoDaddy for all my Custom Domains.
Bhagwati said…
hi, finally my blog working  i'm change my name server to bigrock name server  as display in link but it create any problem in feature? as i'm not taking any permission from bigrock domain registrar
DarkUFO said…
Excellent. It looks good. No it should be fine but you might ask them just in case.

Good stuff!
Karaguppy said…
Thanks for this - I think I have done it correctly now but I am still getting a blank page - am I being to hasty? 
DarkUFO said…


It think you need to wait 24hrs to see if the changes have taken effect

Check this page here 

You will see that currently only the CNAME record is showing correctly. The 4 ANAME records have not yet come through.
Pnajafi said…
Hi I have a domain named I previously had purchased a domain from blogger and Google, but wanted to change it to After changing, it stopped working, where can I add these DNS numbers?
Bruce Bethke said…
Jeremy Gentles said…
I have several domains that I have successfully redirected to blogger but I am having trouble with I am receiving the "Another blog or Google Site is already using this address" error. Additionally, when I try to type my url in directly into the browser it then redirects to and then get forwarded to an error page.

Any suggestions?
DarkUFO said…
Jeremy Gentles I can't see anything obvious wrong with the DNS settings, they all look fine.

However, looking at your hosts (bluehosts) I see a potential issue

Look here

They are a problem with their nameservers.

That might be confusing blogger/google. You will need to contact Bluehost and ask them.
Hi Jermy u can check below jpg for setting of ur DNS
Nathan said…
Grr I did all this stuff and it made it worse now it says page not found!!! and my blog does not work at all anymore!
Nathan said…
I switched back to my blogspot url for now. But can you please help?
DarkUFO said…
Please create a Support Ticket in the Blogger Support Forum
Nathan said…
My custom url is
DarkUFO said…
@Nathan You DNS is NOT setup correctly as explained here.

Look at your settings here.

You don't have the CNAME or ANAME values

Contact your registar, ENOM and get them to make the changes for you if you are unable to do this yourself.
Nathan said…
I know I did all the stuff it said up there. Saved and tried my custom domain again, and thats when it said page not found I went back and set it to default. Thanks for the help, this stuff is really frustrating lol
Nathan said…
I contacted them and asked for them to do it and they said "When Google registers a domain, it puts default Host Records and MX Records on the domain."

They didn't say anything about helping me what do I do now?
DarkUFO said…
Your going to have to either do it yourself or keep contacting their support until you get someone who knows what they are doing.

There is nothing I or Google can do until the dns is fixed
Nathan said…
Hey i think it is fixed?
Is it right?
DarkUFO said…
Yep, that looks much better :-)
jpeacock said…
Could you check my domain? I am trying to host my blog ( and it has not been working.
DarkUFO said…

Your DNS Settings are all ok.

It's looks like you are suffering the general outage as reported here

You'll just have to wait for Google to find and fix the problem.
heather wright-porto said…
Perfect directions :D
But it's still now working for me. Just happened yesterday.
here is my info:

domain is and it still showing the 404 Page Not Found error today. I keep refreshing but nothing.
Should I unpublish the domain again for now (to just have the blogspot domain again until the issue is resolved)?
Julie and Heather
DarkUFO said…
Your DNS Settings are all ok.

It's looks like you are suffering the general outage as reported here

You'll just have to wait for Google to find and fix the problem.
Lizzie said…
Hi i am having trouble with my blog as well, I bought a domain last week and the web hosting site has helped me with all the settings but my domain is not working, I cannot access to my blog for around 5 days and it's really annoyed me. My ori domain is and redirects to, can u please check it for me? thank u so much!
DarkUFO said…
@disqus_EMcydwBkfj:disqus It looks like you're having the same problem as others. All you can do is wait for Google to fix the issue.
Lizzie said…
Alright! Thank u so much for ur help! have a nice day! :)
DarkUFO said…
You too and good luck :)
Marie Bulatao said…
Hi! I purchased a custom domain with google last September 9. It has been almost a week and I am still getting the error 404.I am so frustrated. I got a custom domain with blogger/google because I thought I don't need to really set it up. I would just wait, and for a non-techie like me who just wants to blog but can't understand tech talk, that was obviously an attractive option. My blogspot url: and my custom domain is
DarkUFO said…
Marie, I think you're just going to have to wait until Google fix the issue I'm afraid.

Updates will be posted in this thread here!category-topic/blogger/kB6YzKk7VvE
Sebastian Thalhammer said…
Hi. I got the same problem.

DNS Lookup: A 1 hour (Mountain View, CA, US) A 1 hour (Mountain View, CA, US) A 1 hour (Mountain View, CA, US) A 1 hour (Mountain View, CA, US) CNAME 1 hour
I don't have the possibility to redirect the domain adress in my advanced settings.

Furthermore I have seen an update in google instructions for the CNAME settings. There is a second CNAME setting to be done as they say. See Information when changing the domain settings.
But it is a crypted and very long CNAME setting which I can't even insert in the textbox at my domain settings.
Any ideas or is this a bug following the previous one?

DarkUFO said…
@google-34b470912709195e04b5ce6029036b6d:disqus When did you purchase the Domain? Did you purchase it through Blogger/Google or direct with the domain register?
Sebastian Thalhammer said…
I purchased it about 3 weeks ago from directly. Blogger was not part of that transaction.
DarkUFO said…
Sometimes it can get a little "stuck" especially if you entered your domain without being in all lowercase.

Ok, first go to Settings, Publishing and click the Switch To Blogspot link and save the changes.

Then once saved go back to Settings, Publishing and click the Custom Domain link, then click Advanced Settings link, and put your domain in (lowercase!) and save your changes. Then make sure you tick the Redirect Checkbox and Press Save again.

You should be good to go.

If it does not work first time, try it 2-3 times to try and "unstick it"

NOTE: The above instructions are for the Old Interface but they should be similar in the New Interface
Sebastian Thalhammer said…
the strange thing is that I don't have the Checkbox for redirecting in my advanced settings like I can see them at your screenshots. My standard language is German but I changed it to English, to see if anything would change. But unfortunately not.

I try it a couple of times. Thanks for for extremely quick response anyhow.
Nanthu said…
We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 32.


who is:
DarkUFO said…
Best bet is to post in the Google Support forum and hopefully one of the technicians will be able to take a look at it for you.
Sainadh Reddy said…
Sir, I purchased my domain at Bigrock....

But, it is not applicable to my

Please, help me sir.....
Rem SunTura said…
Is there a way to write my custom domain in blogger without www?
I could do that before latest update. I put a space before domain and it worked, but now i can't.
Tell me if you could help me, please.
Sorry for my english.
Thank you!
DarkUFO said…
Hi Rem, no. Not currently. Google are attempting to fix this bug
Rem SunTura said…
Thank you
Please, let us know, if you find a way to do that...
DarkUFO said…
Keep an eye on the Known Issues Blog
Ziaur Rahman said…
Hi friend, I bought a domain 4 days ago. I follow all instructions given by blogger. But I face "We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 32" message. Please help me if possible. My domain is
DarkUFO said…
Please report this to the Blogger Support Forum!forum/blogger
joey said…
Tell me if you could help me, please.
mann said…
HI i have purchased my domain within from blogger
as they told if we purchase a domain from blogger we dont need to do anything else
only redirect my blogspot adress to my custom domain
all links are replaced by my custom domain
but not working yet its 3 days to custom
please email me if u know what should i do to debug it
DarkUFO said…
You need to post in the Blogger Support Forum!forum/blogger
Varuna said…
After changing to custom domain, My blog is not opening. It is saying server not found. Can you please help me.
DarkUFO said…
You need to post your question in the Blogger Support Forums here!categories/blogger
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